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Knotts Berry Farm - our last day in America

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Brian and I almost didn't go to this park but I am so glad we did. I would have to say this was my favourite park we went too!

Monday was our last day in America so what better way to spend it than at America's 1st Theme Park - Knotts Berry Farm. We had to check out of our hotel at 10am and then our flight didn't leave LA until 10pm so we had some time to kill in between and didn't want to carry our luggage everywhere with us. We decided to spend a few hours at the park and leave our suitcases with the hotel lobby while doing so. It was a brilliant plan!

We decided to go on the water rides first so if we got wet we could dry out through the rest of the day. That was a really good plan coz we got soaked! First water ride was your typical river rapid which threatens you with getting wet but doesn't actually deliver. It was a nice little ride though. Then we headed over to the Perilous Plunge. Just looking at the drop this ride had made me a little nervous. Who cares about getting wet when my stomach would jump out of my mouth on the way down? This didn't happen but we did get off the ride looking as if we decided to go for a swim fully clothed, shoes and all. Little info about the ride - The Perilous Plunge is the worlds tallest, steepest and wettest ride ever. It drops you 35m on a 75 degree angle at 80km/h. Needless to say this ride was lots of fun and my stomach didn't even drop!

Next water ride we went on was the Riptide. This is just like the Wipeout at Dreamworld but Knotts Berry Farm decided to incorporate a little water into their ride so whenever you flipped over you would get water splashing you in the face and soaking your feet. Brian was actually a little nervous about this ride. First time he had ever showed any hesitance about a ride at all. He walked on it bravely of course but i think he was relieved when it ended! Me on the other hand? Loved it!

Other notable rollercoasters we went on - The Boomerang and Silver Bullet which both send you upside down 6 times or more whilst sending you threw corkscrews, twists and turns. The Silver Bullet was the best and we went on it twice but the Boomerang did do the whole ride backwards too! We didn't get to go on the Montezooma which is the other rollercoaster. It was closed that day :(
Photo of Brian and I on the Silver Bullet

Photo of the Boomerang.

This is Brian sitting by himself on a rollercoaster:

This is the reason why!

The Xcelerator is the ONLY ride I didn't go on throughout the whole trip and I bailed at the last minute of course. Brian wasn't overly happy with me but I really didn't think I could enjoy this ride at all! Brief overview - The Xcelerator launches you at 132km/h in 2.3 seconds up a 64m ascent and then drops you back down at a 90 degree angle. I feel bad for leaving him but I just couldn't do it! That picture of the rollercoaster is actually Brian on there. You can't see him of course but if you look closely I think he is sitting in front of the people with their arms up in the air.

After that ride I told Brian I would go on any ride he wanted me to except for that one! So we headed over to Ghost Town and went on the old wooden rollercoaster. This was the first ride we went on in the park that day and the last. It is also unexpectedly scarier than you would think! It was lots of fun but just because it doesn't involve loops don't assume that it wil be quite tame! Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of it! :(

It was getting late in the day by this time so we headed back to the hotel and had a shower and got into comfortable clothes for the long flight home. There are showers in the gym downstairs but we had to turn in our key at checkout so luckily someone happened to walk in to use the gym and we walked in after.

We got to the airport with some time to spare so we had a drink, ate some food and read some magazines whilst we waited. It was actually a pretty good flight home and our jet lag wasn't too bad as we slept that night on the plane and woke up in the morning when we reached Auckland for our 2 hour stop over. It was sad leaving the beautiful warm weather behind but nice to get home and FINALLY eat some Vegemite... oh, and see my parents of course! :P

It was a great trip we had and i'm glad we decided to make this blog. It's been good reading over what we got up to at camp and seeing the pictures again. I'll be making a new blog for the time Brian and I are up at Port Douglas but it will stay at this address. It should just open up a new travel entry so stay tuned for when that happens in a few weeks or so!

Thanks for reading!

Jess and Brian.

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We are so pleased you enjoyed your trip, and obviously enjoyed travelling with Brian. Glad that all that money spent over the years has produced an excellent US tour guide of your very own! We know it makes such a difference when you're with someone who already knows their way around the theme parks, knows which rides to avoid (but I'm pleased he made you suffer through "It's a Small World" - everyone has to experience that ONCE!) especially when you have a limited time to see things. But, there's more to see out there yet.
Have enjoyed your blogging and look forward to keeping up with what you two are up to - and hopefully meet you in person (maybe Xmas).
Grant & Laureen

by Grant_Laur

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