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Off to America we go!

sunny 10 °C

We are currently sitting down eating breakfast at home, and leaving for the airport in about an hour. My mum keeps hasseling us whether we have everything packed and I am at the stage where if I haven't packed it now I really don't care! It's all packed, I know it is :)

I'm not excited yet but I will be when we reach the airport. Then we've got to wait 3 hours! :( We now have a stopover in New Zealand for 2 hours on the way, instead of just a re-fuel so today will be my first trip to NZ!

For those who don't know already, Brian and I are heading off to the USA to work at a Boyscout Summer Camp in Georgia. The camp is in Clayton - about 3 hours from Atlanta.

Brian will be a Group Leader who will take the kids for their Golf Merit Badge. So basically he gets to play Golf in the summer sun for about 8 weeks and get paid for it!

My position is not officially arranged yet but what I know so far is that I will be the assistant Medic to a lady called Sandy. Basically I will just be assisting her at night times, and taking over at Medlodge while she teaches some first aid/cpr courses during the day. The days that I am not assisting her I will be filling in positions for activities like rock climbing, COPES, archery etc and getting paid for it. The other important thing is that I get to wear scrubs while doing med duties :)

Then when Summer Camp finishes we will be flying back to LA and spending 9 days there. We'll be heading to Disneyland, California Adventure Land, Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm & Medievel Times plus heaps of other stuff!



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Pics test

Pics I found on the net for Camp Rainey Mountain.



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Site test


I've uploaded some photos under Brian's log-in and my log-in. I haven't found a way to link our photos in one big album so for the meantime you will be viewing our photos separately.

To actually view the pics click on "Authors" in the right hand side menu. By clicking on Brian's name it will take you to all his blog entries and a photo will appear on the right hand side menu. Under the photo you can choose to see all his photos. Same goes when you click on my name as an author.

All our entries should appear on the main page and hopefully we are able to post 2 or 3 piccies in our blog so you don't always have to go to our seperate photo albums to see what we've been up to.

There is a delay when publishing maps, blogs and people's comments, so if you click on a category or archive subject and it says "page not found" than that means it is currently being uploaded and may take a few hours to appear.

And that is all I have discovered for now... :)

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